Crack Filling and Sealing

Crack filling & sealing is critical to maintaining longevity of your parking lot area.

Water penetration is one of six factors that control the length of your pavement’s useful life. Water penetrates through cracks and reaches the base, thus weakening the foundational base of your asphalt pavement surface.

A preventative maintenance program that includes routine crack filling & sealing is imperative. And just like with seal coating, there are many types of crack sealants manufactured for a different variety of cracks found in asphalt pavement surfaces. Ask us which will be best for you.

A.i.M. Services Ltd. we can recommend the best products for your specific application. Available cure time, crack deterioration, water drainage profile, traffic pattern, and many other factors govern which crack filling & sealing product is best for your lot or road.

Proper crack filling and sealing installation technique is critical. There are multiple material placement methods for crack sealants. These include flush fill, band-aid, overbanding or capping, recessed band-aid and reservoir methods to name but a few. We install crack sealants to the highest standards that are recommended by the manufacturers and industry experts to ensure proper bonding and durability.

A deep reservoir and recess method is usually recommended where cracks are routed using a power router and backer rods are installed where needed to ensure a solid foundation for the sealant. These extra steps are usually the difference between a long lasting seal job and a band-aid seal job that is porous after a few months.

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