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Do you need your driveway paved or do you have a driveway that is failing? Let us help you find out what caused the problem before you repair or replace it. Was it tree roots, failed sub-grade, poor drainage, incorrect installation or poor design or has your driveway died from old age? Different soils and traffic loads call for different designs. Poor drainage whether it is standing water or sub-surface moisture is a major source of driveway failure. Perhaps you just want a new look! Give us a call or e-mail to discuss your driveway needs or to set up an appointment. We can help you design and choose the materials that will best suit your needs for looks as well as budget. If you prefer your driveway surfaced with concrete (stamped or plain) we can also recommend quality contractors that do this work.


We also pave and resurfacing parking lots. We can handle large commercial asphalt paving jobs from strip malls to major distribution centers. For parking lots; vehicle size and weight distribution are considered to ensure proper design and depth of base as well as the asphalt surface coat.


Driveway resurfacing involves applying a layer of asphalt over your existing driveway to make it look new by resurfacing any low spots on the driveway and then covering it with up to 2″ of Hot Mix Asphalt as required to complete proper slopes and grades and compacted to firmness. It is the cheapest way to pave a driveway but not always the best in that the crack areas and depressions in your driveway will eventually come back while under stress from parked cars and during the freeze and thaw cycles, usually within a year. The alternative is excavation to completely remove the old asphalt surface, compacting and grading of the sub-base foundation and the application of asphalt as in a new driveway installation. More costly driveway surfacing options are interlock and concrete which is by far the most expensive (more then triple the cost of asphalt).

In the case of parking lot repairs, we remove and dispose of the old asphalt from the areas in need of repair, inspect the sub-base for soft spots and if any, excavate and remove material to create a new foundation with 3/4″ crushed stone, compacted with a heavy duty vibrating compacting roller. In some cases we may have to build sub-base areas with gravel. We also inspect all catch basins & manholes and replace any rings that are damaged. we check to ensure there are no leaks or erosion in the concrete drains. Once the sub-base is ready for paving, we will do a final grade inspection and compaction. At this point, we should be 4″ below finish grade in order to apply 4″ of compacted asphalt. Then the parking lot gets paved with a heavy duty road mix asphalt in two layers if the parking lot will have heavy traffic. The first layer of asphalt is 2″ of HL8 which is the base coat and once it cools down, we apply a bonding agent to the surfaces to ensure proper bonding when the top coat gets applied. Then we put down a second layer of 2″ of HL3 Highway Surface Asphalt to all proper grades and slopes to complete the installation. Once the asphalt has a chance to cool down, we then give it the final proof roll with heavy duty vibrating road rollers to insure a good compaction ratio.


Customers appreciate a well designed and well marked parking system. It helps them have confidence in knowing the proper route of entrance and exit, allowable areas to park, and drive aisles that are wide enough to avoid accidents with cars and pedestrians. Properly designed parking spaces also maximize the number of cars you can safely accommodate. For any retail operation, this translates into real dollars. We ensure that you get the best line design, layout and re-striping services available.


Save Money – Reduce Maintenance – Protect Your Investment

Seal coating provides your asphalt pavement surface with two critical benefits:

1. It extends the life of your pavement by protecting it from elements that destroy its structural integrity, thus lowering the lifetime costs of the parking lot areas.

2. It enhances the image and look of your parking lot area, which appeals to your customers.

Like all pavement maintenance products, picking the right seal coat material and process for your unique requirements is critical. The amount of traffic, image you desire, time available for application, and many other factors are critical in determining which seal coating system is right for you. We will help you choose the correct one for your particular application. Once this is done we will carefully follow manufacturer’s specifications for mix design and application rates and use our skill and training to apply it correctly the first time.


The final driving surface is only as good as the foundation it sits on. We offer complete services for new construction and site preparation to ensure that the sub-base is sound and meets design requirements. Services can include engineering and design services, soil stabilization, water and storm drainage and underground pipe repair to name a few. We grade your site, place a stabilized sub-base, and handle pipe installation and repair as necessary to prepare your lot for its new asphalt surface. If you are thinking of expanding parking areas or need grading services, we can meet your needs.

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