Asphalt Maintenance


Water destroys pavement sub-surfaces. Keep it out by keeping your cracks filled and sealed with the proper sealers. We will clean out your pavement cracks, fill them and seal them and keep your pavement in tip top shape for several more years. Our Annual Maintenance Program will ensure that your pavement stays in the best condition. We will check the condition of your pavement every year for signs of problems and suggest the appropriate solution that best meets your asphalt pavement needs. Our Annual Maintenance Program includes routine Crack Filling & Sealing, Oil Stain Removal and Patch & Pothole Repairs


Crack filling and sealing is critical to maintaining the longevity of your parking lot area. Water penetration is one of six factors that control the length of your pavement’s useful life. Water penetrates through cracks and reaches the base, thus weakening the support of your asphalt pavement surface. Our Annual Maintenance Program includes routine crack filling and sealing. There are many types of crack sealants manufactured for a variety of cracks found in asphalt pavement surfaces. Ask us which will be best for you and we will recommend the best products for your specific application. Available cure time, crack deterioration, water drainage profile, traffic pattern, and many other factors govern which crack filling and sealing product is best for your lot.

Proper crack filling and sealing installation technique is critical. There are multiple material placement methods for crack sealants. These include flush fill, band-aid, overbanding or capping, recessed band-aid and reservoir methods to name but a few. We install crack sealants to the highest standards that are recommended by the manufacturers and industry experts to ensure proper bonding and durability. Specifically, a deep reservoir and recess method is usually recommended where cracks are routed using a power router and backer rods are installed where needed to ensure a solid foundation for the sealant. These extra steps are usually the difference between a long lasting seal job and a band-aid seal job that is porous after a few months.


Getting oil off the driveway or parking lot has always been a problem. First we burn out the oils in the asphalt pavement using a special asphalt heating torching device on a slow burning process in order to insure we don’t disturb the good asphalt. Next we let it set for a while until it cools down. Then we paste the oil primer in stages until the desired texture has been achieved. Our Annual Maintenance Program includes this service.


Is your asphalt parking lot in pretty good shape except for a few potholes? Let us repair those holes – properly. We take the extra step by ensuring that all those important details, such as properly preparing the edges, inserting hot asphalt, and compacting the patch with a roller are performed professionally. Our Annual Maintenance Program includes this service.


Weither its spring, summer or fall if you have any sweeping needs we would be happy to help. We have all the proper equipment to sweep indoor parkades, or outside parking lots. Work can be done when it is most convenient for you and your business. Once finished we will remove all sweeping debris from site.


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